Floresta Mishuku Ikejiri

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Floresta Mishuku Ikejiri

This shop offers what they call ‘nature doughnuts’. Floresta has its main shop in Nara and its owners are a husband and wife team who wanted to make guilt-free doughnuts that they could feel good about giving to children. The flour, eggs, salt and sugar used in these doughnuts are all organic and domestically produced. Floresta avoids the large batch production that many other outlets use, and only makes doughnuts as needed. Other aspects of the doughnut-making process are also carefully executed with a conscience, right down to their choice of washing detergent, making their doughnuts both good for people and the environment. Floresta is take-away only.


Venue name: Floresta Mishuku Ikejiri
Address: 3-13-2 Ikejiri, Setagaya

Transport: Ikejiri Ohashi station (Tokyu Denentoshi line)
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