Shopping Aoyama

Stepping into FouFouille is like stumbling upon a zany, colored Wonderland of crafts and clothes. Instead of a white rabbit, however, you’ll be greeted by Buta-chan, a grinning Cheshire pig with a toothy touch of bling. FouFouille began in 1982 under the creative couture brand, Alberobello Co Ltd, established by designers, Kumiko Hane and Yumi Sawada. Alberobello Co Ltd adopted their smiling pig signature to give a cheerful face to the brand’s enthusiastically upbeat concept of happiness. Both spirits and interest soared, causing the brand to expand into other products, putting bhuta-chan’s blissful mug on everything from handmade keychains to cutlery.

FouFouille’s high-end designs (and prices) are right at home with it latest upscale Aoyama address (opened in Summer 2010), however its DIY aesthetic (most items are crafted right in view of the window) and childlike amusement distinctly set it apart. Everything from the store’s pig prancing animation, projected on the wall, to its installation of a bejeweled mirror that shouts 'cho kawaii!' ('so, cute!') gives FouFouille its unique and quintessentially Japanese charm.


Venue name: FouFouille
Address: Holon L 1F, 3-12-13, Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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