Fujiya’s drinkable cream puff

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Fujiya’s drinkable cream puff

The Japanese obsession with profiteroles (known as ‘shū kurīmu’, or ‘choux crème’, in the local brogue) is well documented, but Fujiya might have crossed the line with this summer-only innovation. On Tuesday, July 2, branches of the cake shop nationwide will be unveiling a cream puff that you can drink through a straw. Tokyo sweet freaks needn't wait that long, though: this culinary abomination has already gone on advance sale at area branches of Fujiya. The drinkable profiterole is available in two flavours – coffee jelly and milk custard or milk jelly and custard (¥250 each) – and we're told that this year's model (yes, they've actually done this before) is now bigger and contains 20 percent more cream.

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