Gin no Saji (CLOSED)

Shopping Ekoda
Gin no Saji (CLOSED)

The Ekoda area is home to several shops specialising in second-hand books, with many of them selling highly obscure stuff that probably appeals mostly to hardcore bibliophiles. Catering to the more casual reader, Gin no Saji boasts an impressive collection of back issues for Japanese weekly magazines, as well as humorous tomes proclaiming to dig deep into ‘historical mysteries’ and the like. You’ll rarely have to fork out more than a couple hundred yen for any given item, and they're usually more than happy to buy up your old books and mags as long as they're in decent condition.


Venue name: Gin no Saji (CLOSED)
Address: 27-7 Sakaecho, Nerima-ku, Tokyo

Transport: Ekoda Station (Seibu Ikebukuro line), north exit
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