Husky Records

Shopping Kyodo

Most of Setagaya’s musos have been to Husky at least once: opened 12 years ago on a quiet side street in Kyodo, it’s owned and operated by the multi-talented Husky Nakagawa, a former band manager, writer and producer who lords over the shop’s ever-curious collection. His store attracts locals of all ages, who come in search of CDs and vinyl of all genres. As Nakagawa puts it, Husky stocks ‘everything except kabuki music’. Every disc comes with a short handwritten comment from the owner himself and can be listened to before deciding on a purchase.


Venue name: Husky Records
Address: 1-6-14 Kyodo, Setagaya-ku

Opening hours: 12noon-8pm daily
Transport: Kyodo Station (Odakyu line)
Static map showing venue location