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  1. Imadeya Ginza
  2. Imadeya Ginza
    Photo: Benjamin Parks/Imadeya Ginza
  3. Imadeya Ginza
    Photo: Kisa Toyoshima
  4. Imadeya Ginza
    Photo: Kisa ToyoshimaImadeya Ginza
  5. Imadeya Ginza
    Photo: Kisa Toyoshima

Time Out Says

Located in the glitzy Ginza Six department store, this elegant bottle shop sells a wide range of sake, shochu, beer, spirits as well as domestic and international wine. On any given day, Imadeya Ginza will stock around 400-500 types of sake, plus up to 500 varieties of other liquors.

Aside from stocking the essentials, Imadeya Ginza is the place to go looking for rare, boutique booze. Think shochu aged for 11 years, with a taste that errs on the side of whiskey; vodka made from rice; sparkling sake; and gin from Hiroshima infused with aromas of Japanese cypress, local oyster shells and cherry blossoms. The neatly organised refrigerators and shelves have English labels, and there are knowledgeable English-speaking staff on hand to assist you.

Another compelling reason to visit Imadeya Ginza is that the on-site small bar, where you can sample a daily selection of drinks from ¥500-¥1,000 per glass. You can easily spot Imadeya Ginza by its striking logo created by renowned Japanese artist Michiaki Mochizuki. The interior is an expression of modern Japan, with light-hued timber, muted tones and Japanese earthenware on display.


Ginza Six B2F, 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo
Ginza Station, Higashi Ginza Station
Opening hours:
10.30am-8.30pm daily
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