Kibun Sohonten

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Kibun Sohonten

Nerimono, the cooked ground fish found in traditional Japanese dishes from oden to New Year's osechi ryori, is the speciality at this longstanding purveyor headquartered in the Tsukiji outer market. Given an extra garnish at the shop, the freshly kneaded, simple eats served here are all top quality and bring out the original flavours of the ingredients. Try the Tsukiji Fry (¥230), a kamaboko stick made of crab-flavoured surimi seafood, or the Tuna Katsu Burger (¥300).


Venue name: Kibun Sohonten
Address: 4-13-18 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku

Opening hours: 5am-12noon / closed Sun & hols, market holidays
Transport: Tsukiji Station (Hibiya line); Tsukiji-Shijo Station (Oedo line)
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