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Mamano Chocolate
Mamano Chocolate

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Mamano prides itself on being fair-trade as well as organic, dutifully sourcing beans from Arriba cacao farms in Ecuador to use in itscolourful creations. Arriba cacao is so rare that it is only used in two percent of the world’s chocolate produce. The beans are farmed using sustainable methods to protect the surrounding Amazon forest, free of pesticides and chemical fertilisers.

The fresh ganache and bonbons at Mamano are labelled as ‘chocolate of the gods’, a reference to how cacao was originally considered to be sustenance only for kings and deities, celestially dusted with gold andartfully marbled in multiple colours. In winter, you can get the Mamano hot chocolate, made with 50 percent milk, and have the sweetness adjusted to your liking (you should also ask for the seasonal flavoured ones as well). In the warmer months, a popular item is the refreshing yet decadent chocolate kakigori (shaved ice dessert), which comes in flavours such as chocolate orange and honey lemon.



Address: 3-8-8 Akasaka,Minato-ku

Opening hours: 11am-9pm, Fri11am-9pm, Sat-Sun11am-9pm
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