Nihonsakari Sake Booth at Yurakucho

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Nihonsakari Sake Booth at Yurakucho

You're heading back home after a long day at the office and suddenly feel an urge to pick up some fine sake for the evening – but looking for an adequate liquor store just sounds like too much of a pain. If you're commuting through Yurakucho Station, such troubles can now be left by the wayside: during the month of March, Kobe-based brewery Nihonsakari is selling fine nihonshu straight from the barrel right by Yurakucho's Metro exit D7. Choose either the fresh and crisp Nama Genshu or the fruity and mild Ginjo Nama Genshu, let the staff fill up a bottle and you'll be on your way – securing Friday-night treats doesn't get much easier than this.

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