Patisserie Naoki

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Patisserie Naoki

Born and bred in Setagaya, pastry chef Naoki found it easy to pick the location for his signature patisserie. If you're passing by, try his delicious egg puddings: the Yutan no Oyatsu (¥248), named after Naoki's son, is made with a 'kid-friendly' recipe. Its cute looks hide a sophisticated taste, based on mildly sweet, smooth custard, topped with unsweetened whipped cream and bittersweet caramel sauce. The crème caramel cake (¥432) is layered with dense pudding and cream – a sure treat for custard lovers.


Venue name: Patisserie Naoki
Address: 1-4-12 Komazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Transport: Komazawa-daigaku Station (Tokyu Den-en-toshi line)
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