Pâtissier Inamura Shozo

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Pâtissier Inamura Shozo

It might not be the place you'd expect to find a cake shop, yet the entrance of the Yanaka Cementary is exactly where Pâtissier Inamura Shozo is located. The pesticide-free strawberry items are the most popular menu item, including, of course, a strawberry shortcake. It looks simple and compact, but ticks all the right boxes: 50% fat fresh cream, zingy-sweet strawberries and a fine sponge. Happiness on a plate.


Venue name: Pâtissier Inamura Shozo
Address: 2-19-8 Uenosakuragi, Taito-ku

Opening hours: 10am-7pm / closed Mon (Tue if Mon is a holiday), 3rd Tue of every month
Transport: Uguisudani Station (Yamanote line); Nezu Station (Chiyoda line)
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