Peter Norton Christmas Art Project

Peter Norton Christmas Art Project

Peter Norton is not only a computer software entrepreneur, but he is also an art collector and MoMA trustee. Since 1988 he has been commissioning artists he knows to make special Christmas gifts. Take, for example, the object made by Robert Lazzarini, an artist based in New York who makes works which take items familiar from everyday life and break them down to overturn the expectations of the viewer and question their powers of perception. For Norton he created a teacup, bent into a complex, distorted shape. Another New York based artist, Peter Coffin, created a photo album that, at a glance, looks like a normal album. But when it’s opened, images spiral up like a pop-up book. A total of sixteen of these works will be on display at the Omotesando MoMA Design Store, with a selection available for purchase. The scheduled price for the Teacup and the Coffin Photo Album is ¥23,000.

Event phone: 03 5468 5801
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