Pink & White Macarons at Hotel New Otani


Trust the New Otani to pull out all the stops. Pâtisserie Satsuki, located on Hotel New Otani’s lobby floor, has created two types of macarons, which, of course, were inspired by the cherry blossoms. The pink Sakura Macaron is filled with strained red bean paste, which has been upped a notch with some sakura liqueur, while the top layer has been embossed with a sakura petal design. The white Sake-kasu (sake lees) Macaron, on the other hand, uses a white chocolate filling, mixed with sake lees from Kakurei, a famous sake brand from Niigata. The sugary outer layers are made from wasanbon, or Japanese fine-grained sugar. It'll be a very fancy hanami this year. 


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