Shiba Shotenkai

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Chilli lovers rejoice – Minato’s Shiba shopping street dedicates itself to spicy food and has truly earned the nickname ‘Geki-kara Street’ (‘extremely spicy street’). Yet the phrase ‘extremely spicy’ hardly does justice to one type of chilli found on this street – the fearsome bhut jolokia, around 200 times hotter than tabasco, is officially the world’s hottest. If you’ve got an extraordinarily high tolerance for spicy food, try Munch’s Burger Shack’s bhut jolokia chilli cheeseburger. Other highlights on this fiery thoroughfare include Shintenchi’s geki-kara beef ramen, Kamozushi’s extra wasabi sushi, Asian Shokudo Pakchee’s gekikara gapao rice, and Saioji Ikomaken’s gekikara stir-fried ramen. And, just in case you weren’t sure, geki-kara means ‘super-spicy’. Don’t let fear put you off a trip to Shiba – the restaurants will nearly always allow you to customise your spiciness levels, from a mild tingle to the tear-inducing.


Venue name: Shiba Shotenkai
Address: 2 Shiba, Minato-ku

Transport: Daimon Station (Asakusa, Oedo lines); Shiba Koen Station (Mita line); Mita Station (Mita line)

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