Spring Hokkaido Fair


Ueno's Matsuzakaya times its Hokkaido Fair perfectly for Golden Week, serving up so much seafood that the menu almost reads like a Forrest Gump script: luxurious bento with red king crab, snow crab, hairy crab, scallops and more, alongside seafood donburi with over 30 toppings. If you prefer noodles instead, you'll be happy at the Sapporo Ramen Relay, which sees both old and new ramen favourites from Sapporo set up a mini-shop for your slurping enjoyment. Other eclectic gastronomic delights include potato with truffle chocolate (yes, we're curious too), gratin pies, gelato and sweets made with a sweet potato variety known as 'snow march'. Go hungry and prepare to battle a horde of well-heeled shoppers for the limited-edition treats.


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