The DHC guide to health and beauty

Japanese cosmetics and health supplements are well known all over the world. Here are five top products from DHC

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With a wide range of reasonably priced yet high-quality cosmetics and supplements easily available at the local convenience store, it’s no wonder Japanese women put great trust in DHC products. There’s the signature line of skincare made with organic Spanish olive oil as well as supplements perfect for everyday use – the brand is renowned for combining excellent quality with unbeatable value. Better yet, DHC stores offer tax-free service for tourists and short-term visitors in Japan. 

To get you started on your shopping spree, here are five of the most popular DHC products, all of which also make for great gifts.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Countless Japanese women have used this most recognisable of DHC products – the Deep Cleansing Oil. Combining a thorough cleanse with a smooth, moisturising finish, it’s made from hand-picked, organic Spanish olives. These olives are ground with a millstone to extract their oil, which is a natural, skin-friendly beautifier.

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DHC Olive Virgin Oil

The original favourite in DHC’s line of olive oil-based beauty products, this fully natural, organic oil is extracted from carefully selected Spanish olives. Thanks to a special method that allows for extracting oxidation-resistant oil, the DHC Olive Virgin Oil contains no artificial antioxidants whatsoever. Every drop packs a punch, so a single bottle will be enough for quite some time.

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DHC Lip Cream

One of the most popular souvenirs for international travellers to Japan, this tiny wonder softens and moisturises your lips like no other lip cream on the market. While the package may look small, even a light swipe is usually enough, so the cream will last you longer than you’d think. Tasteless and odourless, the DHC Lip Cream is the perfect dry-weather companion for all genders.

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DHC Eyelash Tonic

Sure to keep your lashes full and lush, this conditioning essence is made with natural ingredients, including nourishing botanical and placenta extracts. Its formula helps care for your lashes, adding length and thickness. The Eyelash Tonic is also perfect for wearing under mascara and extensions.

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DHC Health Supplements

Just as popular as the brand’s cosmetics, DHC’s high-quality supplements have something for everyone. The selection consists of a whopping 508 varieties, including vitamin-packed options such as pearl barley extract and DHA, in addition to long-running favourites such as the beautifying Pure Placenta and the preservative- and colourant-free Protein Diet Series.

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DHC Direct Management Store Ueno Marui

Shopping Ueno

One of the most trusted beauty and health brands among Japanese women, DHC products are all made in Japan. They are of premium quality and are available at reasonable prices. Look out for their Japan-only products and crowd favourites such as the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, DHC Lip Cream, DHC Medicated Q10 Series and DHC Super Collagen. DHC has five shops with tax-free service in Tokyo. The Ueno branch in particular, which is easily accessible from the Ueno Station, also offers seasonal coupons (see the website) on top of the tax-free service.


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