Three Twins Ice Cream Daikanyama

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スリーツインズ アイスクリーム 代官山店
スリーツインズ アイスクリーム 代官山店
スリーツインズ アイスクリーム 代官山店

Considering the recent boom in all things natural, it shouldn't come as a big surprise that Californian-born organic ice cream shop Three Trees has decided to open a Tokyo outlet, inside Daikanyama Station's Cosme Kitchen. Unlike other ice cream manufacturers, artificial colourings, seasonings and preservatives aren't used here. On the menu, you'll find 11 different flavours, including the standard Madagascar Vanilla, the sweet-and-sour blend of orange and chocolate named Chocolate Orange Confetti, and the San Francisco fave, Sea Salt Caramel. Get yours in either a single (¥410), little double (¥540), double (¥734) or 'three twins' (¥594). The latter, although small in size, at least gives you the option of sampling three different flavours. Swap your cone for a waffle cone for an added ¥180, and go crazy with toppings of your choice for ¥80 a pop. Summer is on its way. 

Open March 2, 2018


Venue name: Three Twins Ice Cream Daikanyama
Address: Daikanyama Station Bldg 1F, 19-4 Daikanyamacho, Shibuya-ku

Opening hours: 10am-9pm
Transport: Daikanyama Station (Tokyu Toyoko line)
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