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Time Out says

Tucked down a quaint street in Asakusa, Wanariya is one of the few aizome shops in the city where you can shop for beautifully indigo-dyed garments and a plethora of accessories including hats, bags and scarves. Did you know that there are 48 different shades of indigo? The shop does a great job at offering a wide array of those, with products ranging from the lightest of blues to deep dark indigo hues. For those who want to try dyeing something themselves, the shop organises walk-in classes where you can try colouring a handkerchief or Japanese ‘tenugui’ hand towel for only ¥2,500. The entire aizome process takes about 30 minutes, making it the perfect activity to add to your day in Asakusa. They also have a separate studio (1-8-10 Senzoku, Taito-ku), where you'll be able to dye T-shirts, bags and more (reservation only). 


1-12-6 Asakusa, Taito
Asakusa Station (Ginza, Asakusa lines)
Opening hours:
10am-6pm daily
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