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Kachidoki Marina

Wakeboarding is an unusual experience, and one that you either take to easily or not at all. On Time Out's last attempt, we spent an hour being dragged face-down through the water (not on the surface, we might add), with the board acting as a kind of strapped-on resistance device. Not once did we manage to stand up. We felt as though we'd spent an hour on an instrument of medieval torture, and didn't have the muscle strength to operate a pen for days after.

Of course, other people are never happier than when whipping along on the brine, twisting, flipping and looking generally sexy while they do it, and we can only gaze in envy, cursing our ungainly limbs with each passing breath.

While wakeboarding in Tokyo may not be the popular activity it is abroad, there are still a handful of enthusiasts who take to the water around Odaiba and Haneda, as well as less industrial waters further down the coast. One such group operates out of Kachidoki Marina in Chuo-ku, offering the chance to get out on the water from ¥7,500 per session (including equipment rental). Morning sessions last 30 minutes, while afternoon sessions are offered as a set of two 15-minute runs. All you need to bring is your swimming costume and your towel. Note that kids aged 10 and over will need to be accompanied by an adult, or have permission from their parents to take part.


Venue name: Kachidoki Marina
Address: 3-15-3 Kachidoki, Chuo-ku

Transport: Kachidoki Station (Oedo line)
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