Atsukobarouh presents Dance Drinks Talk

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Atsukobarouh presents Dance Drinks Talk

Anyone interested in dance and art will enjoy this three-day event where professionals show off their skills in everything from African and belly dancing to contemporary styles and Japanese butoh. Every performance is followed by a talk with the dancers, introducing the audience to the finer points of their craft and explaining what distinguishes one style from the other.

List of performers:
April 18: Nanako Ueda, Kanji Sekine, Yuuki Nishiyama
April 19: Miho Aihara, Sayoko Sato, Takarako Hasegawa, Gaya, Tomoko Hirata, Yussy
April 20: 86B210, Asuka Itagaki, Sayoko Sato, Fuyuki Yamakawa & Fanaco