Festival of Traditional Performing Arts – Memories of Asia, Treasures of Japan

Theatre, Classical
古典芸能の祭典 アジアの記憶 日本の宝
歌舞伎舞踊「操り三番叟」/ Kabuki buyo "Ayatsuri Sambaso"

Japan's traditional arts have their roots on the Asian mainland, but have taken a unique path of development over the centuries, eventually becoming the refined forms of expression they are today. This evening of performances allows visitors to get acquainted with arts like Kabuki dance, Noh and bugaku in a festive atmosphere, which encourages participation and interaction. The programme combines elements of traditional plays and themes from mainland cultures, with a bugaku dance show telling the story of the Prince of Lanling, a legendary Chinese royal, perhaps the clearest example of this eclectic set of themes. You'll also want to keep your eyes open for performances like the sambaso Noh and the shishimai lion dance.

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