Festival/Tokyo 2016: Beyond Borders

Festival/Tokyo 2016
Festival Fukushima! Photo: Ryosuke Kikuchi
Festival/Tokyo 2016
All the Soldiers are Pathetic. Photo: Gang Mool Lee (c) Namsan Arts Center
Festival/Tokyo 2016
Woodcutters. Photo: Natalia Kabanow

Already a staple on Tokyo's autumn art calendar, this international performing arts festival is now in its ninth year and brings together artists representing many different genres, nations and generations. Familiar programmes like composer Yoshihide Otomo’s Project Fukushima! and a contribution by playwright Toshiki Okada will be complemented by overseas artists and companies, including Polish director Krystian Lupa and Korean playwright/director Kunhyung Park. Both Lupa's 'Woodcutters', which is based on a novel by Austrian author Thomas Bernhard, and Park's 'All the Soldiers are Pathetic' will be performed with only Japanese subtitles, but there are plenty of events that break through the language barrier – see this helpful list for more details. For this year's 'Asia Series' programme, the festival will be graced by four works from Malyasia, some of them performed partially in English or with English subtitles. Tickets are available through the official website.


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