Nishi-Ogi Takigi-Noh

Theatre, Classical

Nishi-Ogikubo's outdoor Noh performance was put on hold after 3.11, but finally made its return to Igusa Hachimangu shrine last year. For the 2016 edition, its official name has been changed to 'Osonoi Takigi-Noh', but you can still look forward to the familiar double dose of kyogen and Noh. The former play will be 'Soraude', a comedic story about a coward turned unlikely hero, while the main attraction is the Noh classic 'Kumasaka', which tells the tale of a priest who must help a spirit find peace. Head over to Zenpukuji Park in late October to enjoy this quintessential drama, but make sure to wear a warm jacket – evening temperatures can be surprisingly low.


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