7th Nyan Fes

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7th Nyan Fes

Calling all cat-lovers! The annual Nyan Fes is back, a market where you can find a large variety of cat-themed goods. Cat-loving artists and crafters from all over the country will head to this unique event to nyan (cats in Japan say nyan, not meow) all they want, while visitors will be able to get their hands on anything from illustrations and photographs to lifestyle goods, all with a cat motif of course. It's a great opportunity to interact with other cat-enthusiasts and talk about the latest trends in the nyan-world.

Check the official website in advance, since the most popular goods tend to be sold out in a flash, and many shops will have a massive queue. Tickets are sold from 1pm on the event day, but if you want to have access to the venue from 11am, get yours in advance.


Event website: http://nyanfes.com/
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