Baccarat Eternal Lights: Yorokobi no Katachi

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Baccarat Eternal Lights: Yorokobi no Katachi

Situated in Yebisu Garden Place, the Baccarat Eternal Lights display incorporates a Baccarat chandelier that is 5m tall and 3m wide – making it one of the largest chandeliers in the world – and 250 lights, 230 of which symbolize the number of years from the company’s establishment to the construction of the chandelier in 1994. In total – including lesser displays in areas such as the Entrance Pavilion, Clock Plaza, Promenade, Center Plaza, Glass Square and the 38th floor of the Ebisu Garden Place Tower – the venue makes use of approximately 100,000 lights. You’ll also find an 8m tall Christmas tree illuminated with red and gold lights at the Clock Plaza.

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