Fussa Firefly Festival

Things to do

Late spring, just before the rainy month, brings hotaru season – a brief period of days, drenched in sweat and nostalgia, when Genji fireflies come out and enchant riverbanks across the county. The festivals that surround their appearance are often friendly affairs, none more so than the annual Fussa Hotaru Matsuri. Locals are known to breed the fireflies and release them in Fussa Hotaru Park, and it's thought that the best time to see them is around 8pm, although there's other entertainment going on throughout the day. It's likely to be crowded event, so visitors are advised to come via public transport.

On June 7, the organisers announced that the event would be finishing early, as part of the national power saving drive. The official festival will wind up at 8pm rather than 9pm, which strikes us as odd since the best time to view the flies is thought to be 8pm. Presumably the flies themselves aren't being asked to power down, so anyone not stripping yatai stalls will still be able to see the natural entertainment for the brief time it lasts.

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