Geino Yamashirogumi Kecak Matsuri

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The Geino Yamashirogumi troupe is bringing the traditional Balinese dance and musical dramatic art of kecak to Tokyo this summer. Known for their world music and world arts performances with slight twists, such as adding in the score from hit film Akira directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, Yamashirogumi will be combining the Balinese choral dancing of kecak with a gamelan ensemble, deer dances from Oshu, Iwate, Balinese jegog (a form of gamelan played on big bamboo instruments) and more into one big merry mix of shows and workshops. To top everything off, they'll also be hawking a variety of wares, Yamashiro-style, at the all-day event. 


Event phone: 03-3366-4741
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