Gingaza (Galaxy) Planetarium

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プラネターリアム 銀河座
プラネターリアム 銀河座
プラネターリアム 銀河座

If it wasn't for the faux-Nasa space shuttle on the outer wall, you'd probably have a real hard time finding this planetarium, hidden away far out in the wilds of Katsushika-ku. You see, the Gingaza isn't just far from nearby stations: it's housed inside a Buddhist temple, making it the first of its kind in Japan (and most likely the world). Essentially a one-man show run by starstruck monk Kasuga, the planetarium features a different programme every month, with the show narrated live by Kasuga himself and a female assistant who combine for plenty of informative tidbits and comedic value. The problem is getting a seat – reservations are taken only on specified booking days and then vetted by lottery. Check the official website for details (in Japanese only, natch).


Venue name: Gingaza (Galaxy) Planetarium
Address: Inside Shoganji Temple, 7-11-30 Tateishi, Katsushika-ku

Opening hours: 3pm-3.50pm on 1st and 3rd Sat of every month
Transport: Keisei-Tateishi Station (Keisei Oshiage line), exit 1; Aoto Station (Keisei main, Keisei Oshiage lines), west exit
Price: ¥1,000, children aged 10-15 ¥500
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