Ginza Rakugaki Café & Bar

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GINZA RAKUGAKI Café & Bar by Pentel
GINZA RAKUGAKI Café & Bar by Pentel

Scribbling and doodling on walls, floors and tables is both allowed and encouraged at this pop-up café organised by stationery producer Pentel and decorated in a 'factory and research facility' style. Grab a pen and let your creativity flow – or just draw moustaches on the portraits and dolls scattered around the space. There'll also be a wide range of themed edibles and pastel-coloured drinks available, while various workshops take place on most days – see the official website for schedule details.


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Drinks: Not tasty and way to expensive
You are CHARGED for taking a seat, you need to pay 800 Yen at the end for only beeing there!
No special services that would reason the price.
1810 Yen for ONE drink, inclusive the tax and "being-there-charge"
F*ck this shop, waste of time and money.
Painting the walls was not really possible, because everything is already full.
No chance to get creative.