Harajuku Omotesando Genki Festival Jiman-ichi 2010

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Harajuku Omotesando Genki Festival Jiman-ichi 2010

This marks the third annual event which offers the chance to enjoy a range of select Japanese food and crafts from all parts of the country. Food on offer here include both well-known regional specialties, such as shimanto udon from Kochi prefecture, shirasu don (white baby sardines over rice) from Kanagawa prefecture and Okinawa soba; also available are myriad inexpensive bites such as yokote yakisoba from Akita prefecture and the Sasebo Burger from Nagasaki prefecture. Additionally there will also be a market that offers the chance to buy various farm-fresh produce. Jiman-ichi 2010 takes place on the same days as the Super Yosakoi 2010 festival, and also offers a chance to experience making a type of Japanese clapper (called naruko) that the people of Kochi originally used as a means to scare sparrows away from their fields and now use in their annual Yosakoi Matsuri.

Shimanto udon from Kochi prefecture

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