Hibiya Festival

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Hibiya Festival

Get off the train at Hibiya Station, Tokyo’s art and entertainment district, and join the vicinity to celebrate its first theatre-themed festival. The main event takes place at the recently opened Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, an outlet of Roppongi’s Tokyo Midtown.  

Don’t miss the opening ceremony on April 26 (7pm-7.30pm) produced by internationally renowned theatre director Amon Miyamoto. The 30-min long show is packed with dances and songs performed by 50 different artists, who tell a story of a girl who dreams about luxurious balls at the Rokumeikan, an accommodation housing foreign guests during the Meiji period (1868-1912). The girl, named ‘Flora’, is a giant 4-m tall doll designed by Kenji Yanobe in collaboration with Harajuku-pioneer Sebastian Masuda, and will be awakened during the show.

Besides the ceremony, you'll find short theater plays, dance performances, musicals and operas during the event for free around Hibiya Step Hiroba, and for a boozy kick, the ‘Johnnie & Highball Hibiya Garden’ provides alcoholic refreshments made from popular scotch whisky brand Johnnie Walker.

Check the official website for event schedules.

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