Kanda Furuhon Matsuri

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第57回 東京名物 神田古本まつり
第57回 東京名物 神田古本まつり
第57回 東京名物 神田古本まつり
第57回 東京名物 神田古本まつり

Tokyo's famed bookseller district, Jinbocho, has been holding this annual festival since 1960, traditionally timing it to coincide with the Culture Day national holiday on November 3. Vendors from throughout the neighbourhood will be taking to the streets to show off their wares every day from October 27 onward. Though the majority of the tomes on display are in Japanese, it's still easy to lose a few hours in idle browsing. If you're on the hunt for true rarities, make sure to check out the special sales event held October 27-29 in the basement of the Tokyo Kosho Kaikan building (see map here).


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