Keio Mogusaen Plum Festival (2015)

Things to do
京王百花園 梅まつり
京王百花園 梅まつり
京王百花園 梅まつり

Boasting a total of 500 plum trees, some of them more than 300 years old, Hino's Mogusaen has long been famed as one of Tokyo's best ume-viewing spots. Once frequented by literary greats like novelist Kenjiro Tokutomi and poet Bokusui Wakayama, the park is still an impressive sight in February and March, when the flowers burst into bloom. A variety of traditional events take place on the weekends during this festival, while the Shorenan teahouse on the premises stays open throughout, serving treats like plum sorbet and amazake ice cream.

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