Kita-ku Fireworks Festival

Things to do, Fireworks Akabane Sakuratsutsumi Greenery , Akabane Saturday September 29 2018
Kita-ku Fireworks Festival
Kita-ku Fireworks Festival

Northern Tokyo’s hanabi kicks off the autumn season with 7,777 fireworks colouring the clear autumn sky. Since it takes place behind the old Iwabuchi sluice gate, get your cameras ready for a magnificent shot where the vibrant explosions in the sky bring out the bright red hues of the antique dam.


Venue name: Akabane Sakuratsutsumi Greenery
Address: Iwabuchimachi, Kita-ku

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    • Akabane Sakuratsutsumi Greenery Free

      6.30pm-7.30pm Arakawa riverbanks, Iwabuchi sluice gate (Akabane-Iwabuchi, Shimo stations)

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