Let the vegetables have their say! Goodbye nuclear demo

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Let the vegetables have their say! Goodbye nuclear demo

If the idea of protesting seems all a bit too sincere for you, then the 'Let the vegetables have their say! Goodbye Nuclear Demo!' (believe us, we had fun translating that) may prove a happy compromise. Conceived as a protest from nature's point of view, the organizers have planned a march through the streets of Shibuya that looks likely to be more jamboree than political statement, although it does pass by the TEPCO Denryoku Kan building (a kind of theatre/museum, currently closed, unsurprisingly).

Participants are asked to throw on the fancy dress – vegetable costumes preferred - or, if that seems too embarrassing, march with vegetables and flowers in your hands. Anyone who attended last week's Koenji demo with bored children might find the carnival aspect of this event appealing. After all, what could be more fun than dad dressing up as a 6ft carrot and prancing about in public? A peaceful demo for the whole family. Let's hope the weather approves.

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