Nihonbashi noryo kaidan

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Nihonbashi noryo kaidan

Located in Nihonbashi, where the sophistication of Edo culture has left its mark, luxury hotel the Mandarin Oriental is holding Nihonbashi noryo kaidan (A ghost story evening in Nihonbashi). The guest story-teller is legendary professional and national living treasure, Teisui Ichiryusai, who will give an extraordinary story telling of ‘Kasane’ in a uniquely produced three dimensional performance. Famous ‘Shinkei Kasanegafuchi’ is a story based on ‘Kasane’ and it is said that traces of it can be found in ‘Yotsuya kaidan’ [Ghost story of Yotsuya]. It has a reputation as being one of the scariest ghost stories in Japanese culture. This is the place to enjoy a late summer’s evening with some traditional spine-chills with a new twist. Those who come wearing a yukata or kimono will receive a free welcome drink. Reservation is available (

Event phone: 03 5652 5403
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