Nihonbashi Sakura Festival

Things to do
日本橋 桜フェスティバル
日本橋 桜フェスティバル
日本橋 桜フェスティバル
日本橋 桜フェスティバル

One of the more successful redevelopment experiments in Tokyo recently, the revitalised Nihonbashi area celebrates sakura season with a packed programme of events. Although actual cherry trees here are scarce and limited to the newly re-planted ones along Edo Sakura-dori, hanami-themed light-ups will be arranged to make up for the deficit: every day after sunset, major landmarks like the Mitsui Building and Coredo Muromachi will be illuminated in pink, while the recently renovated street leading to Fukutoku Shrine will be beautified by audiovisual, digital sakura decorations dubbed the 'Sakura Tunnel'. There's also something to look forward to for gourmands: 150 local restaurants will have sakura-themed menus, and some will set up stalls in the area for you to snack while blossom-hunting. 


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