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Occupy Tokyo

Never mind the anti-nuclear protests here in Tokyo: this has been a ripe year for demonstrations worldwide. October 15 has been declared a day for 'global change', harnessing the popular dissent that propelled everything from the Arab Spring to Los Indignados to the current Occupy Wall Street campaign. The demands of this diverse, predominantly internet-based movement vary depending on who you ask, though they centre on a desire to pluck power from the hands of corporations, politicians and mass media and put it back in the hands of, you know, the people.

Tokyo is also getting in on the act – but, in keeping with the fragmented nature of this year's anti-nuclear demos, there will actually be two rival events going on during the day. Occupy Tokyo will take the form of a demonstration in the Hibiya area, departing from the Naka-Saiwai Gate of Hibiya Park at 12.30pm and taking in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Tepco HQ. Meanwhile, the other Occupy Tokyo will be gathering at Mikawadai Park in Roppongi from 12noon.

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