Ojima Ryokudo Park/Kameido Ryokudo Park

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Ojima Ryokudo Park/Kameido Ryokudo Park

You might not even guess at first sight, but this tree-lined thoroughfare reaching from Ojima all the way north to Kameido Station was built where tracks once carried Toden streetcars ferrying commuters from the eastern suburbs towards the city centre. The almost complete dismantling of the tram network in the 1970s was a disappointment for many residents, who successfully lobbied to preserve the memory of the routes. When visiting, remember to look for the fun train-related decorations found scattered along the path, and take some time to check out the playgrounds and sports fields under the Metropolitan Expressway’s Komatsugawa route.


Venue name: Ojima Ryokudo Park/Kameido Ryokudo Park
Address: Ojima 3, Koto-ku to Kameido 6, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Transport: Kameido Station (Sobu, Tobu Kameido lines); Ojima Station (Shinjuku line)
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