Paella Matsuri in Yoyogi Park

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パエリア祭り ~Che que bo ! ~ in 代々木公園・Spring Love 春風
パエリア祭り ~Che que bo ! ~ in 代々木公園・Spring Love 春風

The Japan Paella Association (yes, it's a thing) is hosting this paella party at Yoyogi Park to kick off spring in earnest. As the biggest event of its kind in the country, it's set to gather a whole load of saffron rice connoisseurs to witness a National Paella Competition, as well as the Japanese preliminary round of the International Paella Concours. Last year's winner of said preliminary round apparently went on to win a prize at the international awards as well, so quality should be assured. To add chorizo or not to add chorizo, that is the question; decide for yourself on a weekend that also sees the Harukaze music festival take place in the same park. Note that the preliminary round contest is held on Saturday only. 


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