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Peace on Earth

In what looks set to be the largest gathering of its kind during the first anniversary of the March 11 quake and tsunami, a host of celebrities, academics, activists and musicians will be converging on Hibiya Park for two days of gigs and discussion sessions. You can expect live music from the likes of taiko group Gocoo, Asian Kung-Fu Generation frontman Masafumi Goto and rocker Taiji Sato, while the Q&A guests include Ryuichi Sakamoto, film director Shunji Iwai, environmentalist Yu Tanaka and veteran singer Tokiko Kato. The event is being held in collaboration with the people behind the quarterly Earth Garden festivals, meaning that there'll also be an array of booths representing charities, NPOs and hippy-friendly artisans. Both days culminate with an evening Candle Night display, and there'll be a moment of silent prayer held at 2.46pm on Sunday, to mark the exact anniversary of the earthquake.

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