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2023 Pokémon Worlds Celebration Events in Yokohama


Time Out says

Yokohama is getting a week-long Pokémon festival with Pikachu parades, live shows and more

A Pokémon festival is coming to Yokohama this summer with a variety of activities to enjoy across the city. At the Pokémon Matsuri Park (August 11 to 14) event in Rinko Park, you’ll be able to play games such as fishing for Magikarp, catching Pokémon with Poké Balls and solving mysterious stone puzzles. You’ll accumulate points based on how well you do in the games, and then exchange the points for a prize.

In the evenings from 8.30pm, you can watch the ‘We Move’ live show (August 8 to 14), in which multiple Pikachus will dance in time to music and laser beams at Rinko Park.

If you’re in the Yokohama Red Brick House area, check out the ‘Imagination! Into the Next’ live show (August 8 to 14) at 7.15pm and 8.30pm. This is also a stage performance featuring Pikachu and other characters like Lucario and Greninja, complete with music and colourful lights.

There’s also a day show. You can watch the ‘Let’s Celebrate! The Pokémon Parade’ featuring Pikachu, Sprigatito, Fuecoco, Quaxly and friends along Keyaki-dori avenue on August 14 at 4pm.

All of the events mentioned above are free, but you must apply for tickets through a lottery system via the website by 1.59pm JST on Monday July 3. 

If you don’t manage to score a ticket to the events, you can still attend the ‘Pikachu Gathering’ twice a day at 3pm and 4.45pm from August 8 to 13, and at 1pm and 3pm on August 14, at the Grand Mall Park without registration. During this extravaganza, you’ll see a dozen or so Pikachus march around the neighbourhood. There will also be Pokémon street art and installations across nine locations around Yokohama, including Queen’s Square, Cosmoworld, Landmark Plaza and more. 

What's more, Pokémon trainers can bring their own trading cards or Nintendo Switch games to enjoy battling and trading with other fans at the Pokémon Trainer Cruise. This event takes place aboard the Nippon Maru ship, which will remain docked at Shinko Pier from August 11 to 13.


Free (registration required)
Opening hours:
Time varies depending on the event
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