Shinjuku Eisa Festival

Things to do Shinjuku Station , Shinjuku Saturday July 28 2018

Eisa is a dance from Okinawa usually performed to mark the end of the Obon period (an annual Buddhist event to honour one’s ancestors). Like most things Okinawan, it's been enthusiastically embraced by the rest of the country, as demonstrated by this Shinjuku parade. More than 20 eisa dance troupes are expected to take to the streets around the east exit of Shinjuku Station to beat portable taiko drums and twirl their way through the crowds – a boisterous and colourful event to brighten your Saturday. Slap on some sunscreen, grab a handheld fan and get there early: it's guaranteed to be crowded.

Venue name: Shinjuku Station
Address: 3-38-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Price: Free
Event website:
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