Some no Komichi traditional dyeing festival

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  1. Some no Komichi traditional dyeing festival
    Photo: Greco/PixtaSome no Komichi traditional dyeing festival
  2. Some no Komichi 染の小道
  3. 染の小道
  4. 染の小道

Time Out says

The neighbourhoods of Ochiai and Nakai are famous for their traditional dyeing industries that date back to the Edo period (1603-1868). The annual Some no Komichi festival takes place in Nakai, which is affectionately known as the ‘Town of Dyeing’, where over 300 related businesses flourished between the early Showa era (1926–1989) and the 1930s. These days, the area is still home to a few skilled craftsmen, who work tirelessly to preserve the traditional dyeing techniques.

For this celebration, dozens of colourful fabrics are strung across the Myoshoji River while you’ll find plenty of noren (traditional shop curtains) being displayed along the local shotengai (shopping street). You can also participate in workshops and watch demonstrations held at the local primary school from 11am to 4pm on February 24 and 25.

For a deeper insight into the different dyeing techniques, sign up for the free guided tours. Check the festival website for the latest information.


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