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  1. 寿々木園(Photo:Keisuke Tanigawa)
    寿々木園(Photo:Keisuke Tanigawa)
  2. 寿々木園(Photo:Keisuke Tanigawa)
    寿々木園(Photo:Keisuke Tanigawa)

Time Out says

A traditional fishing pond built in 1924, Suzuki-en features ponds of common and crucian carp, as well as a fishing tank of goldfish. The latter is a sight to behold, teeming with not only Japanese Wakin, but also the expensive Ryukin (fantail goldfish), Oranda, Azuma Nishiki (calico oranda) and Ranchu (lionhead goldfish). You can take home up to three fish per hour from this tank – so aim for the more expensive species. Suzuki-en is the perfect place to introduce novices to the joys of Japanese fishing, as the owner and regular patrons here are ready to teach you some fishing tips and tricks. ¥600 per hour (includes pole and bait).


3-38-33 Asagaya-minami, Suginami-ku
¥600 per hour (includes pole and bait)
Opening hours:
8am-5pm, closed Fri
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