Tokyo Comedy Store: Comedy Night @ Double Tall

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Tokyo Comedy Store: Comedy Night @ Double Tall

When it comes to satisfying Tokyoites' cravings for stand-up comedy in English, nobody does it better than the good folks at Tokyo Comedy Store: they've been making us laugh for over two decades now, and run a city-wide performance series that includes some kind of show practically every week. In addition to a crew of regulars, their talent occasionally includes international guests from the English-language comedy meccas of the world. And they can hardly be accused of taking themselves too seriously – one of the Comedy Store's taglines is 'Funnier than you think we'll be'.

Using the Comedy Store's custom smartphone app, you get to vote for how long each comedian performs – the funnier ones stay on longer than the ones who don't make you laugh, which means you'll always get the best possible show. Head over to Shibuya's Double Tall Café to try out this new approach, in addition to podcasts, comedy games and other cutting-edge experiments in comedy.


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