Tsukemen Grand Prix presents: Tsukemen vs Ramen

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大つけ麺博プレゼンツ つけ麺 VS ラーメン
大つけ麺博プレゼンツ つけ麺 VS ラーメン
大つけ麺博プレゼンツ つけ麺 VS ラーメン

Okubo Park in Kabukicho continues its parade of mouth-watering food events with this intense gourmet battle, held to find out once and for all whether noodles taste better served in soup or in dipping form. Every week over the month of October, five tsukemen joints and five ramen shops go head to head, with the burden of picking a winner left to you, the slurpers. Restaurants from all over the country will be participating – if you're looking for safe bets, try actor David Ito's David Ramen, Shio-Tsukemen Toka from Shinjuku's Arakicho, or Tohoku's Wakamusha, which dominated LA's Ramen Yokocho Festival last year.


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