Tsukiji Honganji Lunchtime Concerts

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築地本願寺 ランチタイムコンサート
築地本願寺 ランチタイムコンサート
築地本願寺 ランチタイムコンサート

Held on the last Friday of every month, these mini-concerts at Tsukiji's Honganji are returning for another run from January to March. Lasting for a mere 30 minutes during lunchtime, they've been popular among Tsukiji workers and local residents alike, and feature songs from Buddhist hymns to baroque and contemporary music. The sheer power of the sound is impressive and reverberates through the hall, with vocals and saxophones joined by the over 2,000 pipes of the West German organ. And if you'd like a little spiritual guidance to go with the tunes, consider staying for the sermon by Tsukiji Honganji's lead monk, who takes the stage directly after the concert.


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