1. Namiyoke Shrine
    Photo: Namiyoke ShrineTsukiji Lion Dance Festival
  2. Namiyoke Shrine
    Photo: Namiyoke Shrine
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Tsukiji Lion Dance Festival


Time Out says

Held in its most spectacular form only once every three years, the Tsukiji Shishi Matsuri or Lion Dance Festival takes place over four days at Namiyoke Inari Shrine.

On Friday June 10 at 3pm, you can witness food-offering rituals to the gods, while on Saturday June 11 at 10am, you can join in a ritual to eliminate infectious diseases. The festivities then culminate in a series of mikoshi (portable shrine) parades and the eponymous lion dance on Sunday June 12.

The procession starts at 9am at Namiyoke Inari Shrine and ends when the mikoshi make their return to the shrine at 4.30pm. In case you can’t make it to the shrine in the morning, download this map (in Japanese only) that shows the route and the arrival time at each checkpoint.

Make sure to fuel up on some tasty festival grub at the food stalls that will be there between Friday and Sunday. 


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