Washoku: Nature and Culture in Japanese Cuisine

Things to do National Museum of Nature and Science , Ueno Until Sunday June 14 2020
「和食 ~日本の自然、人々の知恵~」
「和食 ~日本の自然、人々の知恵~」
特別展「和食 ~日本の自然、人々の知恵~」
江戸時代の屋台の再現(イメージ) 背景画像:「東都名所高輪二十六夜待遊興之図」(部分)東京 都江戸東京博物館蔵
特別展「和食 ~日本の自然、人々の知恵~」
奈良時代の貴族の宴会料理の再現模型 奥村彪生監修 奈良文化財研究所蔵
特別展「和食 ~日本の自然、人々の知恵~」
野菜や魚介類など 250 点以上の標本や模型が並ぶ展示室(イメージ)
特別展「和食 ~日本の自然、人々の知恵~」
映像展示の様子 1 (イメージ)
特別展「和食 ~日本の自然、人々の知恵~」
映像展示の様子 2 (イメージ)

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[Update, Mar 24] This event has been postponed until further notice due to the coronavirus outbreak.


Traditional Japanese cuisine or washoku has roots that go back to the ancient Jomon period. Part of the Japan Cultural Expo, this extensive exhibition at the National Museum of Nature and Science introduces you to how the cuisine has evolved and to the cooking techniques and preparations that have been in use throughout the years. The prologue, shown on a large screen that takes up an entire room, will explore how washoku has had an effect on the world. You will then have an opportunity to see specimens of common ingredients such as fish, seaweed and vegetables, along with models, interactive videos and various types of media art.



Event website: https://washoku2020.jp/
Venue name: National Museum of Nature and Science
Address: 7-20 Ueno Koen, Taito-ku

Transport: Ueno Station (Yamanote line), park exit; (Ginza, Hibya lines) Shinobazu exit.
Price: ¥630, free for high school students and under

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